CNC Value Added Services for Aerospace Machining

Airplanes and other aerospace items need to be ordered well in advance of when they are needed.  With long lead times and relatively low volumes – a good jet sells 200-300 units in a year – aerospace companies can get a pretty good read on what their needs will be for the next year or so.  To aid our customers of aerospace machine parts we have added several services without increasing our costs to our customers.  You can read all about our aerospace services in detail at our aerospace machining page or our aerospace machining definition page.

Our advanced information management capabilities allow us to provide long term stocking arrangements or kanban shipping.  In many cases we hold the inventory for our aerospace customers and allow them to draw from our inventory rather than maintain their own inventory.  We use various just-in-time production techniques to keep up with our customers’ assembly demands.  For one of our customers we deliver parts on an demand-flow basis directly to the assembly line.. In addition we are able to build to an annual forecast, rather than directly to individual purchase orders. Machining the parts to an annual forecast, while we also maintain the inventory, combines to save our customers considerable cost and time.

CNC Industries has the ability to handle many different methods of receiving orders.  We have multiple electronic systems, such as Exostar which many aerospace companies use, through which we receive new orders. We also have many customers who send electronic triggers through email to indicate additional requirements.

Some other value added services are more transparent to our customers but are still important. Our standard practice of handling machined parts within our facility is to create unique totes and tubs to protect the parts throughout the entire manufacturing process.  We have strict maintenance policies and keep our facilities climate controlled, clean, and well lit.  One traditional view of machine shops is that they are dingy, dirty and dangerous to walk around in. When coming to CNC Industries, we expect that you will immediately notice the difference in the care we take in maintaining our facility. Visitors frequently tell us that our facility is the cleanest and most advanced manufacturing facility that they have seen.