Fuselage Support for T-38 Talon

We recently shipped a sizable batch of fuselage supports for the Northrop T-38 Talon.

Northrop T-38-Talon

Obviously the fuselage supports are a very critical component of this trainer aircraft.   The complexity of the parts presented several manufacturing challenges.

These fuselage supports started off as a solid block of 7000 series aluminum alloy.   It was determined in a pre-flight meeting that the best way to machine these would be in a 4-axis machining center.

CNC Industries 4-Axis machining

One of the main challenges for parts like this is minimizing part distortion that results from internal stresses in the raw 7075 aluminum material.    As material is removed, internal stresses begin to release which can lead to severe distortions in the part if the stresses are not managed.    Since we have extensive experience with machining this material we anticipated how the part would react and planned our machining operations accordingly.   The final parts are well within all required specifications and were immediately approved by inspectors for the Defense Logistics Agency.

Northrop T-38 fuselage supports

Northrop T-38 fuselage supports

To insure safe arrival we individually packaged the high-value parts inside custom made cardboard boxes and then nested the boxes inside a wooden crate.

CNC Industries is certified to AS9100 Rev. C

CNC Industries is pleased to announce that it has passed it’s audit to AS9100 Rev. C.   This means that CNC Industries is fully compliant with the most recent revision to the AS9100 Quality Management Standard (QMS).


As quoted from International Standards Authority…

“Independent Certification to AS9100 validates your company’s commitment to Quality and provides the organization with:

•  Performance based analysis aimed towards defect prevention methods and continual improvement.

•  Fulfilling certification requirements as approved suppliers for OEMs.

•  Improve customer satisfaction and reduction in audits and oversight by the OEMs.

•  Enhanced performance and cost savings from operational consistency and reduction in rework and scrap.

•  Distinct advantage over competition.

•  Prestigious international recognition.”

~ ~


The impact of health reform on small business

By: Steven Deam, Sr – CNC Industries, Inc.

While reading our local Business Weekly newspaper, I ran across a syndicated article written by Douglas Holtz-Eakin and Michael Ramlet.   Douglas Holtz-Eakin is currently the president of the American Action Forum.   But it is his previous role as director of the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) that is most meaningful to me.


He begins the article with the statement “The new health care law is a threat to the health of small business.   Its heavy dosage of mandates and penalties will be a financial burden, and the law is riddled with hidden barriers to stronger job growth.”   That is quite a statement coming from a former director of the CBO.

Having been a small business owner in the precision machining sector for the last 40 years, I have personally seen all of the ups and downs of the manufacturing industry during that time.   Even prior to the current wave of anti-business legislation it is no secret that America has been shedding manufacturing jobs at an alarming rate for the last 20 years or so.

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Who Does America Trust? Small Business!

By: Steven Deam, Sr.  -   CNC Industries, Inc. Fort Wayne, Indiana

According to a recent article in the NFIB (National Federation of Small Business) “My Business” magazine, a recent Pew Research Center poll shows that when asked who they trust, 71% of respondents said small business.  That contrasts with 25% for big business, 22% for banks, and 25% for the Federal Government.


Given that small businesses account for over 70% of new job creation, it seems that rather than burden small business with even more paperwork and costs the government would be more interested in creating a business-friendly environment.   Unfortunately, at CNC Industries we have seen no indication whatsoever that the government is trying to actually help small businesses grow and, in turn, expand employment.   All indications are that the cost of doing business will continue to rise – which is precisely why businesses of all size are very reluctant to hire.

The politicians seem unable to understand that it requires a demand for our products and services along with the ability to generate a profit in order for business expansion and job creation […]

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CNC Industries is AS9100 Certified.

We will be issuing a press release about this early next week, but we are now fully certified to AS9100 B.  The official certificate and press kit came in the mail today, and we were placed in the OASIS online database of certified suppliers earlier in the week.  Overall the auditing to certification process was relatively painless, for a four day audit at least.

We have researched the AS9100 certification statistics a little bit:

In Fort Wayne there are only 8 AS9100 certified companies, including CNC Industries.  CNC Industries is the only precision machine shop in Fort Wayne to receive an AS9100 certification.  Likewise we are the only custom machine shop certified in Fort Wayne as well.

In Indiana there are now 112 companies certified to AS9100.  The vast majority are service or assembly houses.  We have not looked at all of the certifications, but our estimation is that we are one of only 10 or so machine shops to be certified to AS9100.

In the United States there are 5725 total companies certified.  assuming the same approximate ratio of machine shops, I would assume that we are one of 575 machine shops in the country with the AS9100 certification.  This puts us in a very elite class of machine shops, one that […]

AS 9100 Audit is complete

July 16th was the final day of our Stage 2 AS9100 audit!  It has been a lengthy, stressful time to move from ISO 9001 to AS 9100.  We have done extremely well in our audit process, and only have a pair of very minor findings to be 100%.  Both corrective actions are completed and we are waiting on getting a little bit of paperwork done, and then final review from the audit board at SGS and we will be officially certified as an AS9100 company.

At CNC Industries we look at this as another way to add confidence to our customers – who are extremely quality conscious.  As I have talked about on this blog aerospace machining is a difficult industry to be in.  The price, quality, and delivery requirements put on aerospace suppliers are all extreme and the management of the business must be able to handle the many pressures and unforeseen issues that will arise.

Here at CNC Industries, we feel that we have all of the tools necessary to provide the best of the ‘three-legged stool’ to our customers – best price, on-time delivery, and quality.  We look forward to issuing a formal press […]

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