CNC Industries Terms of Purchase from Suppliers

In addition to any notes or terms specified on the purchase order, all purchase orders placed by CNC Industries have the following terms and conditions in effect.

1) CNC Industries reserves the right to inspect all incoming products and / or services to ensure that the received items / services conform to all specifications, processes, procedures, equipment, or other quality metrics as applicable. Any product or service found not to be in conformance on an incoming inspection may be returned at the suppliers expense.

2) All personnel that work on or provide the service or product specified in the purchase order will be qualified for the role that they are performing. The supplier may be required to substantiate the qualifications of personnel.

3) The suppliers quality management system must be adequate to ensure that the product or service provided is of a high quality and will meet with all specifications of the purchase order. CNC Industries may require an audit of the quality management system or substantiation that the quality management system has been audited by an authorized third party.

4) If applicable, the product or service provided to CNC Industries will match the specified catalog number, item number or description of the item or service, the specifications of any drawings provided, process requirements given, inspection instructions or any other technical data provided.

5) As applicable, CNC Industries may require specific methods of design, test, examination, inspection, or other related instructions. The supplier will conform with any of these instructions as specified.

6) As necessary the supplier will provide test specimens to ensure quality.

7) The supplier will notify CNC Industries of any nonconforming product / service and will provide arrangements for either the approval of the nonconforming product / service or provide a conforming product / service if the approval of the nonconformance is deemed by CNC Industries as not possible.

8) The supplier will notify CNC Industries of any changes in the product or process at any point in the purchasing process and obtain approval from CNC Industries for any changes.

9) CNC Industries reserves the right of access to the suppliers facilities by CNC Industries, any customers of CNC Industries, or any regulatory authorities as applicable. This right of access applies to all applicable documents to the purchasing history and relationship of CNC Industries and the supplier.

10) The requirements specified in these Terms and Conditions, all key characteristics, as well as any requirements defined in a Request For Quote, Request For Proposal, Purchase Order or other purchasing documents will flow down to any sub-tier suppliers

11) The supplier will retain records of all transactions with CNC Industries for an appropriate time period, not to be less than 3 years.

12) The Supplier will ensure that no counterfeit parts or products are used on products or sold to CNC Industries.  If counterfeit parts or products are found after the completion of the terms of the purchase order, the supplier will notify CNC immediately

13) All product provided to CNC Industries is to remain FOD (foreign object debris / damage) free at all times

14) Supplier is to conform to any ITAR requirements listed on any drawings or documents CNC provides.

15) Ensure that all persons working on products or services supplied to CNC  Industries are aware of:

a) Their contribution to product or service conformity

b) Their contribution to product safety

c) The importance of ethical behavior