Our expansion is on-schedule…

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Our expansion is on-schedule…

Things are moving along very nicely with our expansion.


The weather has been so nice, the builder is running a couple weeks ahead of schedule.  The above shot was taken a few weeks ago.

~ ~

CNC Building Expansion-1

This shot was taken yesterday.    The additional floor space will almost double the amount of manufacturing space that we currently have.

Initially much of the new floor space will be available for new business.   We are currently in talks with several new customers and expect to quickly start filling this space with brand-new CNC machining cells designed specifically for their work.

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CNC Building Expansion-2B

If you would like to put the productivity and dependable quality performance of CNC Industries to work on your parts, please give us a call.   We are accepting new business!

Once this space is filled, we have our eyes on a larger lot right across the street!

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May 16th, 2012|