Changes to CNC Industries website

CNC Industries is going to be adding to our main website content.  In examining our website we feel that we are not addressing some topics enough on our main site.  While I am attempting to add content to our blog to help fill these voids, we are going to be adding many new pages over the next while to fill in the gaps that we see as present.

The first additions that we have made are aerospace machining and the definition of aerospace machining.  We are focused heavily on aerospace machining, and we want our website to reflect this.  The purpose of having two pages on essentially the same topic is to provide the detail information that not everyone will be familiar with.

While our website is very informative and serves to provide the same information that you will get from most shops, we are not satisfied with meeting the standards.  We want anyone that comes to our site to be able to tell right away if CNC Industries will be a good fit to be a supplier for them.  Our aerospace machining page is the first in a series of pages that is designed to address this issue.

Our Definitions area of the website will become filled with basic information about precision machining, and other topics which relate to CNC Industries.  We will look to explore what defines precision machining and differentiates it from standard machining.  We will of course look at what goes into aerospace machining, industrial machining, medical machining, automobile machining, and military machining and why CNC Industries has chosen the focuses that we have.