CNC Industries displays a Stimulus message

By Steven Deam, Sr. – CNC Industries, Inc.  Fort Wayne, Indiana

August 10, 2009

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CNC Industries, Inc., a Fort Wayne Indiana based small business has placed a banner in their front yard that reads:  100% Hard working people here – ZERO Stimulus dollars at work here.   The message expresses the frustration of the company owners over the fact that very little, if any, of the $787 billion dollar “American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009” is being used to help small businesses.

Steve Deam Sr., explains that the sign is not intended to be a political statement, rather a statement of fact.   Despite the promises that the stimulus bill will help create jobs, and despite the fact that small businesses account for the largest creation of new jobs, Steve has yet to find anything in the spending bill that will benefit CNC Industries, or most other small businesses that he knows of.

According to Steve Deam, Sr. he has received very positive feedback since putting up the sign.   Steve plans to the leave the sign up until he can find anything in the stimulus bill that will actually help CNC Industries, Inc. create jobs.

During the first half of 2008 CNC employed 67 people and was well on its way to 100 employees.  Since November 2008, CNC Industries has been forced to lay-off over half of its workforce.

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