CNC Industries is AS9100 Certified.

We will be issuing a press release about this early next week, but we are now fully certified to AS9100 B.  The official certificate and press kit came in the mail today, and we were placed in the OASIS online database of certified suppliers earlier in the week.  Overall the auditing to certification process was relatively painless, for a four day audit at least.

We have researched the AS9100 certification statistics a little bit:

In Fort Wayne there are only 8 AS9100 certified companies, including CNC Industries.  CNC Industries is the only precision machine shop in Fort Wayne to receive an AS9100 certification.  Likewise we are the only custom machine shop certified in Fort Wayne as well.

In Indiana there are now 112 companies certified to AS9100.  The vast majority are service or assembly houses.  We have not looked at all of the certifications, but our estimation is that we are one of only 10 or so machine shops to be certified to AS9100.

In the United States there are 5725 total companies certified.  assuming the same approximate ratio of machine shops, I would assume that we are one of 575 machine shops in the country with the AS9100 certification.  This puts us in a very elite class of machine shops, one that we are proud to be a member of.

The full press release will be issued early next week.

August 6th, 2010|