Who Does America Trust? Small Business!

By: Steven Deam, Sr.  –   CNC Industries, Inc. Fort Wayne, Indiana

According to a recent article in the NFIB (National Federation of Small Business) “My Business” magazine, a recent Pew Research Center poll shows that when asked who they trust, 71% of respondents said small business.  That contrasts with 25% for big business, 22% for banks, and 25% for the Federal Government.


Given that small businesses account for over 70% of new job creation, it seems that rather than burden small business with even more paperwork and costs the government would be more interested in creating a business-friendly environment.   Unfortunately, at CNC Industries we have seen no indication whatsoever that the government is trying to actually help small businesses grow and, in turn, expand employment.   All indications are that the cost of doing business will continue to rise – which is precisely why businesses of all size are very reluctant to hire.

The politicians seem unable to understand that it requires a demand for our products and services along with the ability to generate a profit in order for business expansion and job creation to occur.  Possibly if more of the politicians had a business background and had actually run a small business they might be able to understand these relatively simple principles.  The threat of Cap & Trade, Card Check, and substantial tax increases – in addition to a host of new regulations and requirements recently put in place are putting a huge damper on business expansion.

At CNC Industries we are continuing to expand – despite the bloated government bureaucracy which works against us.   It would just be so nice if, for a change, our government would work with small business.   Unfortunately, I don’t see that in the cards!

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