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Recent parts made by CNC Industries

Shown below is a complex, application-critical Aerospace part that has been recently produced by CNC Industries for the Department of Defense (DOD).

Support - Fuselage - solid model

This is an image of the CAD-generated Solid Model that was created by CNC Industries in order to manufacture the part.

This part is approximately 36” long and was machined out of solid billet aluminum.

~ ~

Support - Fuselage -2

Support - Fuselage -3

Support - Fuselage-1

These are various views of the finished part as supplied to the DLA (Defense Logistics Agency).

As you can imagine a part like this takes a tremendous amount of planning, fixturing, modeling, machining, finishing, and inspection to meet all of the stringent requirements.

~ ~

Below is another example of a complex part which we manufactured for the D.O.D.

Saddle Assembly, STO-1

This part is approximately 24” long and was machined from solid billet aluminum.

Saddle Assembly, STO-3

Saddle Assembly, STO-2

A 3-D solid model of the part was created in-house on our CAD system from the original 2-D drawings.   We then designed and manufactured numerous fixtures for machining and measuring the parts.

This is another example of a mission-critical part which was precision CNC machined and assembled to very stringent specifications for the DLA (Defense Logistics Agency).   As can be seen in the images, the part was painted per NADCAP certified standards.

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