AS 9100 Audit is complete

July 16th was the final day of our Stage 2 AS9100 audit!  It has been a lengthy, stressful time to move from ISO 9001 to AS 9100.  We have done extremely well in our audit process, and only have a pair of very minor findings to be 100%.  Both corrective actions are completed and we are waiting on getting a little bit of paperwork done, and then final review from the audit board at SGS and we will be officially certified as an AS9100 company.

At CNC Industries we look at this as another way to add confidence to our customers – who are extremely quality conscious.  As I have talked about on this blog aerospace machining is a difficult industry to be in.  The price, quality, and delivery requirements put on aerospace suppliers are all extreme and the management of the business must be able to handle the many pressures and unforeseen issues that will arise.

Here at CNC Industries, we feel that we have all of the tools necessary to provide the best of the ‘three-legged stool’ to our customers – best price, on-time delivery, and quality.  We look forward to issuing a formal press release as soon as the paperwork is complete on the audit.

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CNC Industries is a Fort Wayne, Indiana based machine shop specializing in precision CNC machining, fabrication and assembly of application-critical and custom machined parts for the Aerospace, Defense, Medical, Industrial and Transportation  markets.   The company presently employs approximately 55 people.

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