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CNC Industries is often asked for details on the parts that we machine.  Being a precision machine shop, we make a wide variety of parts for many different industries.  We have many multiple purpose machines for a wide variety of production options.  Due to the wide variety of parts that we machine, it is sometimes difficult for prospective customers to know if we have the expertise to machine their parts.

In order to help clarify our capabilities we are going to begin adding detailed profiles of many of the parts that we machine for our customers.  We will have details on machining, material used, engineering concerns, and any sort of unique or challenging aspects of the production.  We hope to be able to display  our many machining capabilities in a way that will be useful and informative to any prospective or customers.   The goal will be to have a searchable and sortable index of our precision machined parts for reference.

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CNC Industries in 2011

CNC Industries is very excited to be starting a new year.  At the end of the decade as well as the year, I thought it would be interesting to see how CNC Industries has performed over the course of the last 10 years.  Looking at 2000 compared to 2010 we can see a drastic change in the scale and methods of work for CNC Industries.

Overall we have had a 15%/ year average growth maintained – obviously some of those have been better than others.  As a precision machine shop, this is an impressive growth to maintain over 10 years.  With manufacturing jobs disappearing every year, we are especially proud of our track record of growth.

The primary industries that we served in 2010 were the Aerospace and Defense industries.  We fully support Kanban on-site delivery arrangements for our customers, deal mostly with electronic ordering systems and are releasing our second major version of Job Manager – our internal ERP system.  In 2000 we were working primarily with industrial customers, shipping most orders in a single shipment, and we had just released version 1 of Job Manager.  While we still work with many of the industrial customers that we had in 2000, we have grown further in the precision Aerospace and Defense machining markets.

Over the last 10 years we have shipped nearly 10 million individual precision machined components to our customers, in nearly 50,000 individual shipments for an average of 200 parts in each shipment.  We have produced everything from single prototype components, to mass run quantities of 100,000 or more.

Over the last year we have had more RFQ’s from a larger variety of potential customers than we have in the prior 5 years put together, which leads us to feel that 2011 will be a great year and a great start to the next decade.

We look forward to growing further, and continuing to produce high quality precision machined components for our customers.

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CNC Industries 2010 Customer Satisfaction Results

At CNC Industries we take pride in our ability to provide all of our customers with the highest quality precision machined parts, on time delivery, competitive pricing, and overall customer satisfaction.  At the end of each year we conduct a survey of all customers that we conducted business with in the prior year.  In 2010 CNC Industries had our 3rd best sales year of all time.  Even in the down economy that is affecting so many companies, we increased our sales by 10% over 2009.

For 2010 we asked for feedback on the following areas:

1) Timeliness of receiving quotes from CNC Industries

2) Ease of placing a new order with CNC Industries

3) On time deliveries

4) Overall quality

5) Price competitiveness

6) Responsiveness to any special considerations or needs

7) Engineering support

8 ) Responsiveness to Corrective Actions

9) Friendliness and professionalism of CNC Industries employees

10) Shipping methods and shipping terms

11) Responsiveness to changing needs

12) Please rate your overall impression of CNC Industries

13) Would you be to recommend to CNC Industries to a colleague?

14) Do you plan to order from CNC Industries again?

The results of the survey are as follows:

Our average rating for all categories for 2010 was a 4.5 out of 5.  Overall we have improved our ratings in virtually every category from the 2009 ratings.

Some quotes from our survey:

“Quotes are always with-in or ahead of the requested due dates.”

“Impressed by CNC’s commitment to address process and product controls. This goes a long way towards preventing quality issues.”

“CNC’s flexibility has helped us in a lot of tough situations.”

“I just wish I had more product that I could move to CNC.”

Thank you again to all of our many customers and we look forward to working with you again in 2011.

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