Who Does America Trust? Small Business!

By: Steven Deam, Sr.  –   CNC Industries, Inc. Fort Wayne, Indiana

According to a recent article in the NFIB (National Federation of Small Business) “My Business” magazine, a recent Pew Research Center poll shows that when asked who they trust, 71% of respondents said small business.  That contrasts with 25% for big business, 22% for banks, and 25% for the Federal Government.


Given that small businesses account for over 70% of new job creation, it seems that rather than burden small business with even more paperwork and costs the government would be more interested in creating a business-friendly environment.   Unfortunately, at CNC Industries we have seen no indication whatsoever that the government is trying to actually help small businesses grow and, in turn, expand employment.   All indications are that the cost of doing business will continue to rise – which is precisely why businesses of all size are very reluctant to hire.

The politicians seem unable to understand that it requires a demand for our products and services along with the ability to generate a profit in order for business expansion and job creation to occur.  Possibly if more of the politicians had a business background and had actually run a small business they might be able to understand these relatively simple principles.  The threat of Cap & Trade, Card Check, and substantial tax increases – in addition to a host of new regulations and requirements recently put in place are putting a huge damper on business expansion.

At CNC Industries we are continuing to expand – despite the bloated government bureaucracy which works against us.   It would just be so nice if, for a change, our government would work with small business.   Unfortunately, I don’t see that in the cards!

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CNC Industries Certified to AS9100 Rev C

By Steven R Deam – CNC Industries, Inc. Fort Wayne, Indiana

CNC Industries Completes AS9100 Rev C Certification

Fort Wayne, IN 8/12/2010

For Immediate Release

Date: Thursday, August 12, 2010

Contact: Steven R Deam

CNC Industries

Fort Wayne, IN


 Email: stevendeam@cncind.com

Fort Wayne, IN-CNC Industries is pleased to announce that they have successfully completed their AS9100 registration effective on July 31, 2010. CNC Industries had previously been certified to the ISO9001:2008 standard – the AS9100 certification is recognized as including all aspects of the ISO 9001 certification as well. SGS served as the registrar and auditor for CNC Industries.

CNC Industries, established in 1995, specializes in precision machining, milling, turning, and assembly of custom parts for the aerospace and defense industries. The company uses the latest machinery as well as custom written ERP software to facilitate high levels of quality demanded by their customers. CNC Industries has a 35,000 square foot facility on the north side of Fort Wayne, IN.

AS9100 certification is an international standard for quality and management systems for the Aircraft, Space and Defense Industries. CNC Industries’ Vice President of operations, Dustin Kimbrell, has said “The implementation of AS9100 standards throughout the company has helped to make us a successful supplier to many aircraft and defense contractors. We are better able to serve our customers needs and expectations through our internal processes and systems at this point than we have ever been. We have become the premier supplier for many of our customers, and the AS9100 certification is another indication of our commitment to always uphold a superior level of quality throughout our production processes.”

By becoming AS9100 certified CNC Industries joins a small group of companies that demonstrate their superior quality management systems. In Fort Wayne, only 7 companies are AS9100 certified – of which only 3 of these companies are local businesses. CNC Industries is the only precision machine shop in Fort Wayne to become AS9100 certified. In all of Indiana only slightly over 100 companies have managed to become certified to the full AS9100 level.

CNC Industries attributes much of its success in obtaining the AS9100 certification to its’ internal ERP system called Job Manager. Steven Deam Jr, the IT Administrator at CNC comments, “The ability to adapt our software systems to the higher standards of AS9100 regulations has allowed us to adjust our processes to the increased demands placed upon us by increasingly complex parts and orders. Our customers expect high levels of quality and service. With Job Manager we are able to meet their stringent quality and service requirements while additionally offering them better overall pricing”.

For more information regarding CNC Industries Inc., please refer to the company web site: http://www.cncind.com or call 260.490.5700 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting  260.490.5700 end_of_the_skype_highlighting.

For additional information about SGS visit http://www.us.sgs.com.

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CNC Industries’ Stimulus Sign – One Year Later

By Steven Deam, Sr. – CNC Industries, Inc.  Fort Wayne, Indiana

August 7, 2010

– – – –

One year ago I place a banner in front of our company that expressed my frustration over the $787 billion dollar “American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009”.   It was my belief that the so-called “stimulus bill” would do very little to “stimulate” the economy.    Why?  Because I thought it was very much misdirected.

The stimulus bill was touted as being used for mostly “shovel ready projects”.   Even on the surface of it that didn’t make much sense to me.  Since we were in the grip of a very broad-based recession, which was impacting almost all professions, what was everyone supposed to do – become construction workers?   What about all the people in a wide variety of other professions who found themselves unemployed?   How was the much touted ARRA going to help them?

Now, a year later, we know the answer…. the Recovery Act was a big failure.  Not only did it not bring unemployment down and stimulate the economy, the opposite has happened.   Is the country any better off today than it was a year ago?   I suppose a few segments of the population might say yes it is.   But I venture to say that the vast majority of people believe we are much worse off, for a number of very important reasons.   And what do we have to show for the hundreds of billions of dollars in TARP, ARRA, and all of the other spending?   Nothing but an astronomical debt!   And now, at the mid-term elections they expect us to re-elect them??

During a recent trip my wife and I saw at least a half dozen signs saying:  “This project was paid for by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009”.     I guess my wife and I think differently than our esteemed politicians do.   Instead of making us feel good about all of the money that was spent, those signs were nothing more than a reminder to us of how wasteful our government is.   Let’s at least hope that some privately owned sign shops have been stimulated by all of the signage business.   I hear the signs were very expensive!

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CNC Industries is AS9100 Certified.

We will be issuing a press release about this early next week, but we are now fully certified to AS9100 B.  The official certificate and press kit came in the mail today, and we were placed in the OASIS online database of certified suppliers earlier in the week.  Overall the auditing to certification process was relatively painless, for a four day audit at least.

We have researched the AS9100 certification statistics a little bit:

In Fort Wayne there are only 8 AS9100 certified companies, including CNC Industries.  CNC Industries is the only precision machine shop in Fort Wayne to receive an AS9100 certification.  Likewise we are the only custom machine shop certified in Fort Wayne as well.

In Indiana there are now 112 companies certified to AS9100.  The vast majority are service or assembly houses.  We have not looked at all of the certifications, but our estimation is that we are one of only 10 or so machine shops to be certified to AS9100.

In the United States there are 5725 total companies certified.  assuming the same approximate ratio of machine shops, I would assume that we are one of 575 machine shops in the country with the AS9100 certification.  This puts us in a very elite class of machine shops, one that we are proud to be a member of.

The full press release will be issued early next week.

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